These games were created with Lotus Symphony, an open standard, no charge office productivity software that is intuitive and easy to use (download) and saved as PPTs.

So, if you have Microsoft Office you are good to go, if you don't, download Symphony, it is excellent, free, and supported at Lotus Symphony Forums .

The extra questions are set up so that you can swap out a set of slides, change the column headings, redo the links and you are ready to go. A little bit complicated but, available for those who know how.

Feel free to call me (Alan @ 615.261-8538) if you have any questions.

Here's a spreadsheet with the categories, questions and answers for the game show host to use as a "cheat sheet".

FINALLY, a fix to the "Hyperlink don't dim" problem. If you have tried to run these and seen that the main board does not dim, download this file, unzip and run the exe file. I am putting it here because to get it from Microsoft is pretty cumbersome. But, if you want to go that route, click here.